The Jack Reynolds Scholarship Fund

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Jack Reynolds Tournament of Excellence

Although there was no Tournament of Excellence held in 2018, scholarships will still be awarded for the year. 

2017 Results

2017 Boys Results

Team Scores

Issaquah 185.0

Lakes 138.5

Bellingham 102.0

Mt Si  90.0

Oak Harbor  89.5

Nathan Hale  76.0

Mercer Island  65.5

Eastlake  44.0

Blanchet  43.0

Championship Results

106 Pounds C. Tanner (ISSQ) defeated S. Thomas OAKH) by fall :51 Third Place: J. Perry (BHAM)

113 Pounds J. Tillinger (MRCR) defeated N. Asistin (ISSQ) 4-3

Third Place: G. Valdez (LAKS)

120 Pounds B. Wiebe (BLCH) defeated W. Tickman (ISSQ) 9-2

Third Place:  A. Lovtsov (LAKS)

126 Pounds Z. Gomez (BLCH) defeated C. Rodriguez (LAKS) by fall 3:02 Third Place: Anakin MacArthur (ELAK)

132 Pounds Z. Coakley (LAKS) defeated J. Bernado (ISSQ) by tech fall 2:30 Third Place:  R. Stevenson (BHAM)

138 Pounds D. Damon (NTHL) defeated S. Marenco (MTSI) 5-3

Third Place: B. McBride (OAKH)

145 Pounds D. Harrison (MTSI) defeated P. Kwak (MRCR) by fall 2:52

Third Place: C. Saper (ISSQ)

152 Pounds J. Moore (NTHL) defeated Z. Aketch (BHAM) 5-1

Third Place: T. Andrews (LAKS)

160 Pounds K. Solusod (ISSQ) defeated J. Andrews (MRCR) by fall 2:37 Third Place: B. Vanwoerden (NTHL)

170 Pounds M. Marenco (MTSI) defeated J. Jefferson (BHAM) by fall 4:28 Third Place: C. Helgeson (ISSQ)

182 Pounds D. Pearson (ISSQ) defeated N. Dugan (OAKH) by fall 1:42 Third Place: R. Stevenson (BHAM)

195 Pounds T. Lewis (ISSQ) defeated A. Jefferson (BHAM) by fall 1:39 Third Place: J. Cavness (LAKS)

220 Pounds B. Dalgleish (MTSI) defeated A. Rocha (LAKS) 12-3

Third Place: T. Zaragoza (ISSQ)

285 Pounds S. Zook (OAKH) defeated H. Jasso (LAKS) Injury Default Third Place: E. Plummer (ELAK)

2017 Girls Results

Team Scores

Federal Way 166.0

Lakes 129.0

Eisenhower  57.5

Granite Falls  42.5

Kentridge  42.5

Mercer Island  15.0

Nathan Hale  13.0

Eastlake    9.5

Championship Results

105 Pounds 1st Place: A. Henderson (FDWY)

2nd Place: N. Garcia (FDWY)

3rd Place: Kayla Springborg (NTHL)

110 Pounds 1st Place: A. Garcia (FDWY)

2nd Place: S. Cook (LAKS)

3rd Place: S. Garcia (EISN)

115 Pounds 1st Place: A. Sumandig (FDWY)

2nd Place: B. Silva (EISN)

3rd Place: S. Campbell-Montez (LAKS)

120 Pounds 1st Place: J. Garza (LAKS)

2nd Place: P. Smith (KRID)

3rd Place: J. Garza (FDWY)

125 Pounds 1st Place: E. Garcia (FDWY)

2nd Place: V. Unsworth (FDWY)

3rd Place: A. Arnold (LAKS)

130 Pounds 1st Place: S. Ferguson (LAKS)

2nd Place: M. Potter (GFAL)

3rd Place: F. Morse (ESTL)

135 Pounds 1st Place: A. Rocha (LAKS)

2nd Place: V. Mora (EISN)

3rd Place: J. Munguia (GFAL)

145 Pounds 1st Place: S. Ramirez (LAKS)

2nd Place: J. Vi (KRID)

3rd Place: K. Smith (GFAL)

155 Pounds 1st Place: K. Lopez (FDWY)

170 Pounds 1st Place: M. Gonzalez (FDWY)

190 Pounds 1st Place: L. Talaitupu (FDWY)

2nd Place: N. Rocha (FDWY)

3rd Place: M. Licea (EISN)

235 Pounds 1st Place: M. Stewart (FDWY)

2nd Place: M. Swearngin (EISN)

2016 Results

Issaquah (ISSA)
Oak Harbor (OAKH)
Eastlake (ELAK)
Mount Si (MtSI)
Nathan Hale (NTHL)
Interlake (INTL)
Mercer Island (MRCR)
Blanchet (BLCH)
  1. Beau Wiebe (INTL)
  2. Blake Servatius (OAKH)
  3. Jordan Tillinger (MRCR)

  1. William Tickman (ISSA)
  2. Zion Gomez (OAKH)
  3. Martin Chavez (NTHL)

  1. Zachariah Gomez (BLCH)
  2. Martin Miller (ELAK)
  3. Garrett Stahl (OAKH)

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